Community Development

Community development is a long-term approach to build active and sustainable communities based on social justice and mutual respect. In addition, about changing power structures to remove barriers that prevent people from participating in issues that affect their lives and enable communities themselves to develop solutions to problems that are set internally.

There is still a view that attempts meyelematkan wildlife and the environment do not take sides or even in conflict with efforts to improve people's living tarap.

YPAL realized without increasing the empowerment of communities surrounding conservation area. Then it could be the pressure and will damage the conservation area. For that community empowerment is very important.

Community empowerment program that was built by YPAL is based on building a community of environmental ethics to foster a sense of belonging to nature. So that people move to maintain its natural.

RAKSABUMI Project; from forest guarding to traditional conservation site for livelihood
Program duration: 11 May 2007 sd 11 May 2009

Deskription :
Within the last eight years, YPAL and Simpang communities has tried to overcome the MSNR forest destruction, local institution weaknesses, and their collaboration management, and succesfully established KIARA and RAKSABUMI forest task force, strengthened the established village institutions, established a village Act on forest conservation and the instalment of micro-hydro power plant to provide electricity to 100 houses and the development of electric-based local enterprises. However, many obstacles, are still being encountered, these include: a. institutional weakness and low community capabilities caused by low local confidence and poor knowledge on environmental management, especially on programme sustainability, coordination, awareness, shared-learning and replication; b. the government has not been able to uphold the law and provides little assistance to the local people; c. low capabilities to commence income generating management, including agriculture practices innovation, agriculture products processing, and also market access;

Goal :
This project aims at solving the above problems through the development of Traditional Conservation Site (TCS).The main goal of the project is increasing Simpang communities capabilities on maintaining the fair ecological functions of the areas, socially, ecologicaly and economically to ensure sustabinability in communitiesí lives. The objectives of this proposal are: 1. To increase local capabilities in conducting their forest regulation system continously on itsí management, information accesses and self-fund procurement, 2. To improve sustainability of ecosystem services and itsí benefit, by maintaining its ecological functions; 3. To improve environment-friendly agriculture practices, product proccesses and market access by energy alternative development for income generating achievement;

Increased economic activity of society and community-based conservation of natural resources through the development of breeding Coney (Tragulus javanicus)
Program duration: 01 April 1999 sd 30 June 1999

Deskription :
The purpose of the project: 1. To enhance local capacity in captive animals 2. To develop an ideal breeding design that is comfortable for coney 3. To build a society of economic activity through the conservation of natural resources Activities to be performed: 1. Preparation a) Inventory the needs of the community b) Inventory of human SD in the hamlet Cikananga c) Inventory of participants captivity 2. Implementation a) Conducting management training village community organizations Cikananga b) Repair the enclosure c) Maintenance of coney

Goal :
Expected results: a) Knowledge of the public on conservation efforts to increase b) Local communities can manage with better breeding c) Conditions for the better coney cage and maintained d) Improving the local economy e) The model of captive wildlife that can be developed in other areas. f) Documentation of the project

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