Environmental Education

Environmental education is a process for developing awareness, concern and knowledge about the environment and learn to use this understanding to preserve, protect and utilize the environment in a sustainable manner for the benefit of present and future generations.

The purpose of this environmental education is to expect and help them become environmentally literate citizens, skilled and dedicated who are willing to work individually and collectively to achieve and maintain a dynamic balance between quality of life and environment in the present and future.

Awareness and environmental education developed based YPAL to build understanding, especially to the younger generation. Understanding it is important to build the value of preserving species and the environment for a better life in the future.

Environmental education program aimed at elementary school students through high school is also the general public. The program is conducted through various means, such as environmental education, environmental programs on radio and manufacture of communications media (books, posters, leaflets, etc.).

PROJECT GARUDA The Conservation effort of the Javan Hawk-eagle and its habitat At Mt. Burangrang -Tangkuban Perahu Nature reserve West Java Indonesia
Program duration: 01 April 2002 sd 31 October 2003

Deskription :
Project Garuda is a follow-up program of Javan Hawk-eagle research by YPAL (Indegenous Nature Conservation Society) cooperated with Himbio (Biology Student Association) of Padjadjaran University since 1998 at Southern West Java. This project is part of Recovery Plan implementation that had been established by Javan Hawk-eagle Conservation Working Group (KKPEJ). It had involved 65 volunteers mostly were college students, also Panaruban community at Cicadas Village, Subang Regency. Those volunteers were much involved on monitoring, held environmental education and radio broadcasting, and also on Javan Hawk-eagle breeding behaviour monitoring in its own nest. This project was conducted for 18 months since April 2002 until October 2003. This report explains Javan Hawk-eagle research result and conservation efforts for this bird and its habitat at Mount Burangrang and Tangkuban Perahu Nature Reserve area, West Java Indonesia. The research was conducted involving Javan Hawk-eagle habitat and breeding behaviour study and brief study about community and forest relationship. The conservation efforts was conducted especially to increase community awareness, both who live in the forest periphery or in the urban to joint together for Javan Hawk-eagle rescuing and its habitat.

Goal :
Project Garuda cant be done well without support from many parties, such as opinion, skill, time, material or even enthusiasm support. During project planning preparation, we did some illuminate discussion series. We are delighted to thank to Mr. Wahyu Raharjaningtrah, Mr. Iwan Setiawan, Mr. Muchamad Muchtar, Mr. Resit Sozer, Mr. Johan Iskandar Phd and Mr. Ridwan Soleh, also to Mr. Hiroshi Kaneda for their critics and suggestion kritik along preparation, even continued during project implementation. Also Mrs. Budiawati Supangkat Phd for her suggestions had been given for environmental education implementation. Perhaps its all just planning if we didnt get financial support and research permit on implementation. We are very pleased and thankful to BirdLife International, Beyond Petroleum and Fauna & Flora International to support our program through BP Conservation Award. We also thank to PILI-NGO Movement who trusted us using their fund for camera surveillance improvement on Javan Hawk-eagle behaviour study in its nest. Research permission was also easy to get of the kindness from Head of Nature Resources Conservation Bureau (BKSDA) I West Java, Head of Regional I BKSDA I, West Java, Forest Public Company III (Perum Perhutani III) West Java and Plantation Public Company (PTPN) VIII Ciater. And we thanks for area management parties for their trustees for us to conduct activities in their own area.

Establishment BICONS as Bird Club Conservation Society is working to conserve wild birds and other wildlife through conservation campaigns, education and outreach to the community.
Program duration: 24 September 1999 sd 31 December 1969

Deskription :
Because the bird is an indicator of what happens in nature, such as global warming due to human activities do affect the nature. According to the study exemplifies how the change occurred in the number of birds in the wild and the breeding of birds is associated with changes in the earth's climate, where the movement of birds in nature is affected by global warming on Earth. Besides the birds just love the nature that is still clean, beautiful, pollution free and the trees to the place of his life. So if there is no free-living birds have been happening around us signify the destruction of nature around us. And humans depend on nature for his life, when nature is damaged then it also threatened human life on this earth. On the basis of a sense of responsibility to preserve the natural world around us with the approach followed by the birds to create a sense of love of nature and keep it

Goal :
Birdwatching Sunday Birdwatching is a bird observation with the community every Sunday morning in the Garden Ganesha Bandung Extension of bird conservation at the park visitor at every event Sunday Birdwatching Monthly bird observations to find a new location that many wild birds in the city of Bandung Birdwatching tours, birdwatching recreation program that is out of town Campaign Extension of nature conservation in schools and universities to introduce bird-watching activities in nature Regular discussions between members Publications The campaign through electronic media, one of them through radio stations

Biodiversity education through posters biodiversity in West Java
Program duration: 16 July 1998 sd 16 July 1999

Deskription :

Goal :

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